Lean Suites Customized for Your Company 

Training Flow Room Suites:

  • Introduction to Lean
  • Super Kaizen Deployment
  • Change Management
  • Strategic Deployment
  • Lean Team Fundamentals
  • Policy Deployment

Lean Materials
English and Spanish

  • Training Modules & Templates:

    • Value Stream Mapping
    • 5S
    • Management Introduction to Lean
    • First Line Manager Introduction to Lean Basics    
    • Kaizen Process   
    • Kanban/Pull Systems   
    • Lean Champion Leadership
    • Defect Prevention - Poka-Yoke
    • Corrective Action Problem Solving
    • SMED – Setup/Changeover Reduction
    • Standard WorkTotal Productive 
    • Maintenance ​​Visual Management
    • ​Lean Accounting

Consulting Service to fit your Company Needs 

Lean ​Consulting can help you:

  • ​Increase Efficiency through Eliminating Waste
  • Increase Employee Engagement
  • Increase Service Level performance
  • Radically Reduce Cycle Times
  • Reduce your Cost per Transactions
  • ​Increase Customer Satisfaction

And ultimately increase the profitability of your operations. Our clients engage us to deliver meaningful improvement in their organisation at a time when immense change is upon them. We offer a range of services from Strategic Lean Six Sigma Architecture to Operational Excellence and since our inception, we have earned a reputation for exceptional execution and delivery of our services.

​Please call and share what your goals are and we will work with you to customize our Materials and Services to meet your road map to ensure success.